Is lululemon worth the money?

This past Christmas, I asked my husband for a pair of reversible wunder-under lululemon crops. They were a ton of money — $78 — and I felt guilty asking for them. Was I just paying for the brand, or are they really worth every penny?

Well, I’ve been wearing them at least five times a week since December, so I think it’s time I can announce my conclusion.

As a pear-shaped woman, I pay astronomical sums of money for bottoms that make my thighs look petite. I thought my lululemon crops would minimize my thighs and they do NOT make me look skinnier than I am. Big disappointment.

Appearance aside, when I do cardio, I hit it hard and end up sweating buckets. And let me tell you: crotch sweat, butt sweat, any sweat is extremely embarrassing when you are working out at a gym where you know a lot of people. Especially when you need to go down to the weight room after running four miles on an incline at a ten minute per mile pace. This is when I discovered my deep-rooted love and loyalty for my lululemon crops. No sweat shows. NONE. Of course, after cardio my hair is always drenched and I smell to high heaven, but there are never embarrassing sweat marks and that alone is worth almost eighty bucks.

The crops seem to be wearing well. Because they are reversible, I wear them almost every day to the gym and they do not show many signs of wear yet. I fully expect them to last through their three-year guarantee, and if they do then they absolutely were a sound investment.

So the verdict is: Yes, they are worth the money but only if you routinely partake in extremely sweaty activities in a public place, like the gym. If you want a pair of exercise pants that minimize your bottom half and make you look skinny, you should save your money. They are great for performance, not so great for appearance.


These are my wunder unders on the gray side. They reverse to black.


4 thoughts on “Is lululemon worth the money?

  1. I really like Lulu lemon and compared to Sweaty Betty, when I got my cc statement with the conversion rate after my last shopping spree in the states, the prices seemed actually quite decent!

  2. I’m so happy somebody finally tested these! I work on a college campus and see sorority girls trot around in them constantly (just because they can), but I always wondered if they are really worth the money. I just started doing Hot Yoga (read: sweat all over and in all the grossest places while doing backbends) and I run about 3 times a week (I’m not quite as dedicated). I usually troll marshalls for workout clothes but I would be willing to invest in some yoga/workout clothes if they were worth it! I will be requesting a pair of these for my bday coming up! Thanks for reviewing!

    • Hey!!! Glad you found the article useful. I would recommend getting a pair of reversible ones in contrasting colors. Right now they have a pair that are purple/black reversible — I even saw them in hot pink/black last season. Keep an eye out and buy immediately when the colors you want pop up on the shelves.

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