Body Shape – Defined

I never struggled with those body shape quizzes in Cosmopolitan for one reason: I am such a clearly defined pear shape I probably popped out of the womb with giant hips and thighs. I read that about half of women are pear shaped, so while I certainly feel unfortunate, at least I don’t feel alone.

Things can really get technical with defining your body shape, though! Most people are familiar with the basics – apple, pear, hourglass – there really is no limit to how technical you can get with body shapes. Throughout my avid consumption of fitness and body media, I gather that the most widely accepted forms are the 12 body shapes of Trinny and Susannah.

1. Hourglass
– Big boobs
– Small short to medium waist
– Big hips
– Long legs (thickness depends on genetics)

2. Cello
– Big boobs
– Short waist
– Big hips
– Big butt
-Big thighs
– Slim lower legs

Cello – Oprah

3. Skittle
– Medium boobs
– Slim waist
– Can have a small belly
– Big thighs
– Chunky calves

Skittle – Halle Berry

4. Vase
– Big boobs
– Curving, long waist
– Hip width =  boob width
– Slim legs

Vase – Kate Winslet

5. Pear
– Small boobs
– Long waist
-Flat tummy
– Excess fat around the hips and butt (saddlebags)
– Big legs

Pear – Maria Menounos

6. Apple
– Average boobs
– Large belly (bigger than boobs)
– Flat ass
– OK legs

Apple – Reese Witherspoon

7. Column or Straight
– Shoulder width = hip width
– Slight waist
– Longer legs

8. Bell
– Small shoulders
– Small boobs
– Small short waist
– Big thighs and butt

Bell – Phaedra Parks

9. Goblet
– Big shoulders
– Big boobs
– Small or no waist
– Narrow hips
– Long legs

Goblet – Catherine Zeta-Jones

10. Cornet
– Broad shoulders
– Small breasts
– Not much of a waist
– Slim hips
– Long slim legs

Coronet – Cameron Diaz

11. Brick
– Broad shoulders
– No waist
– Average tummy
– Flat butt
– Chunky legs

Brick – Kim Cattrall

12. Lollipop (most celebrities are this, either artificially or naturally)
– Big boobs
– Slight waist
– Slim hips
– Long legs

Lollipop – Angelina Jolie

So many fricken categories! If you truly don’t know where to start, there is a fantastic chart to figure out what body type you are over at Body Shape Style.

Our body shape discussion shall continue later this week!

All yours,



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